Why Nova
Telecom ?

We have years of experience in fibre and licensed microwave networks offering a full range of business communications services over our national IP/MPLS network.
Our services can be used for primary connectivity or diversity and offer huge bandwidth with speeds up to 10Gbps and symmetric services available. We have unbeatable reach nationally via carrier fibre networks and our extensive network of microwave tower sites.

Dedicated Internet Access from 10Mbps to 10Gbps

Metro Managed Broadband

Fibre to the Business

Licensed Microwave

Ethernet / MPLS

National Coverage

Why use Nova Telecom for your mission-critical day-to-day telecoms services?

Nova provides cutting-edge high-bandwidth connectivity services using our national MPLS network. We couple this core competency with a personal level of service and unbeatable support. Your service is built and managed by our Irish-based engineering, NOC and support teams, who have huge experience in the Irish market. Our staff will provide a seamless experience from sales through to product delivery, commissioning and on-going support.

You can be confident joining the thousands of Irish business users that trust Nova Telecom.

We peer directly with leading cloud, content and service providers over multi-gigabit high-capacity direct peering links located locally in Ireland. This means that your traffic will flow to and from these networks all over private, low-latency managed infrastructure, avoiding the public internet and maintaining maximum throughput and speed for your critical cloud based applications.

Our international traffic is carried by GTT, Colt, Hurricane Electric and Vodafone/Cable & Wireless to internet peering points in the UK, Europe, the US and globally. This is done via both Dublin-based subsea cables and from the Cork coast via the low-latency GTT Express cable to London and New York.
Our network is managed by skilled engineers at our Network Operations Centre which is co-located with our tier 1 and tier 2 support staff.

Nova Telecom will analyse your sites and offer you the best access solution for each one. Unlike other providers who may be tied to one access technology or network, we can utilise a diverse range of access network types, such as carrier optical fibre, microwave, fixed wireless or VDSL, depending on whatever is most appropriate for each site. We can offer you a simple, unified MPLS Ethernet or IP solution, handing off on dedicated NTUs at your sites. You will deal with real people with a single point of contact, with 24/7 SLAs available. Integrated billing for your sites gives you simplicity for accounting purposes.