Non-Geographic Inbound Numbers

A national presence gives your customers confidence

Give your business a national presence with a national number. If you are broadening your horizons beyond a local service area, rather than publish an 01, 021, 061, 062, etc. number, your business can use an 0818, 1850 or 1890 number.

You can choose from the following number types, depending on your needs:

0818 – National

National 0818 numbers allow customers to call a business from anywhere in Ireland for the price of a local call. The business doesn’t pay per-minute rates to receive the calls, just the monthly flat fee (unless forwarding to an external line). This is the most popular choice by far and gives the best balance between creating a good impression and low costs for the business. The monthly hosting cost is only €20 for 0818 numbers.

1850 – Callsave

Numbers in the 1850 range have a fixed cost to the caller, no matter what the duration of the call is. The business then subsidises the remainder of the call cost. Callers have confidence knowing that no matter how long the call lasts, they have paid just one fixed cost. The business will have to pay the remainder, plus the forwarding cost if forwarded to an external line. The monthly hosting cost is €25 for 1850 numbers.

1890 – Lo-Call

1890 numbers allow a caller to call your business for the price of a local call, billed to them per-minute, no matter where they are calling from. Callers can call you knowing exactly what they are going to pay for the call. The business then pays the difference, plus the forwarding cost if forwarded to an external line. The monthly hosting cost is €25 for 1890 numbers.

It is easy to get a national number up and running with Nova Telecom. Simply choose your number from a list we provide and nominate where the calls will be forwarded to:

Option 1: Your existing phone number with another provider
You pay for the call charges for the forwarded calls

Option 2: Your existing phone number (or a new one), ported to Nova Telecom
You pay no onward call charges

Option 3: A SIP trunk with Nova Telecom
You pay no onward call charges

Imagine how you could increase the level of service your customers are getting with all of this functionality – managed by our trained engineers to your specification? The system is totally flexible. If you can think of it, it can probably do it.

We can also handle all of your changes or amendments for a per-incident fee if you choose. Don’t go searching for an old-school, out-dated and inflexible phone system for your business.