Interactive Voice Response – Press 1 for Efficiency

An IVR can direct all of your incoming calls to the appropriate destination quickly and efficiently. Previously confined to bigger businesses, IVR is now available to everyone through our Hosted IVR solution, which sits on top of Hosted PBX. By simply setting up the various destinations for your departments, then putting your menu together, we can build you an IVR without installing any new hardware or licences on-site. It’s all done in our voice cloud.

Typically, a business will want to separate sales calls and customer service calls. You may have multiple branches and want to send calls efficiently to them as they come in. Our IVR system is very flexible. For example, an incoming caller might press 1 for Sales, then from 9-5 Monday to Friday it goes to your office but on Saturdays it goes to a ring group of teleworkers.

Imagine how you could increase the level of service your customers are getting with all of this functionality – managed by our trained engineers to your specification? The system is totally flexible. If you can think of it, it can probably do it.

We can help you to script and record your own voice menu. We can overlay music or promotional messages and have great relationships with a number of studios and voice actors/actresses. Your perfect IVR can be realised in a matter of a couple of days, without installation of a single item of equipment on your premises in most cases.