Geographic Inbound Numbers

Locally-focussed numbers give you maximum presence in your target market

Utilise local area codes in order to give your customers the impression that you have an office in their area. For example, 01 for Dublin, 061 for Limerick, 052 for Tipperary, 021 for Cork.

It is easy to get a geographic number up and running with Nova Telecom. Simply choose your desired area code and nominate where the calls will be forwarded to:

Option 1: Your existing phone number with another provider
You pay for the call charges for the forwarded calls

Option 2: Your existing phone number, ported to Nova Telecom
You pay no onward call charges

Option 3: A SIP trunk with Nova Telecom
You pay no onward call charges

Our tech team can get your number set up with no disruption to your business. It’s a simple, positive step you can take to improve your business visibility and image. The monthly hosting cost for geographic numbers is €10 per number, per month.