Supernova Business Broadband

Fixed wireless business broadband service with optional static IP. Perfect for primary or diverse connectivity, even where no fibre is available.

Fast, dependable business broadband delivered on our fixed wireless network

Supernova Business
50per month
  • Up to 50M download speed
  • Up to 10M upload speed
  • 18 month contract
  • Static IP Address Available
  • Priority Traffic on Network
  • Priority Business Support
  • Unlimited Data
  • No phone line needed
  • Add SIP trunk for €5/month

Why choose Nova Telecom for Business Broadband?

  • Easy Setup Process

    Quick and easy professional installation is carried out by our trained and insured installers

  • Expert Support Team

    Our Support Team is based in Ireland and tends to know our business customers by name

  • Priority Business Support

    Priority ticketed business support from Nova helpdesk

  • Priority Traffic on Network

    Business customers’ traffic is prioritised on our network ensuring top performance

  • Connect to GTT Express Cable

    Connectivity to new GTT Express subsea cable system giving low latency to UK and US

Unlike other providers, we prioritise business customers’ traffic over our network. This means that your real-time traffic such as VoIP, video-conferencing and Lync, along with email, cloud-app access, banking, cloud backups will work faster and more consistently on our network.

This superior network technology is coupled with priority business technical support. Our helpdesk is focussed on supporting business customers and where service calls are necessary, these are also given top priority.

It’s easy to get online – once you order Supernova, one of our friendly, fully trained installers will visit your business by appointment and install your Supernova antenna. This is a small dish that links you to our network and on to the fibre backbone network. Then you can enjoy our great Supernova Business Broadband service!

Our broadband packages are tailored to every type of business needs, so have a look and choose the one that’s best for your business.

€250 setup fee. Ethernet hand-off to customer’s own router/firewall. 18 month contract. Prices exclude VAT.
Truly unlimited data allowance. Speeds are up to. Depends on link capability and quality.