Sales people and the crazy quirk that makes them good!

“The ideal candidate must have a clear understanding of  the industry and how to convert opportunities into sales”.

I had read this before and thought, I do understand and I can convert…just another interview. I had learned to really like interviews oddly enough, something new, something fresh, a new product to sell to a new audience, what could be better?…nothing if I’m to be honest. This was a cycle for me where I would give it everything for a length of time before coming up for air. The air was good but the mission was to get the job and hold your breath before it was time to go back down.

Sales people get off on approval

This is true. Why? Potentially loads of reasons, a lack of inner confidence, the need for acknowledgment? Everyone is different but all these “things wrong with you” makes you hungry to sell because of reward in some shape or form. Selling makes you happy for reasons you might be aware of (or blind to), a performing rep makes the boss happy so everybody wins. Simplicity at its best and its totes obvious the author is not qualified in anything mental health related.

Many top selling sales people provide exceptional results because they are approval oriented. They want to make a customer happy, so they sense what the customer needs and go the extra mile. Maybe it’s a late evening mail or call  to sync with a potential client’s schedule, or fighting to get an extra discount to close the deal or showing up for an installation to get a sale over the line before target day. This can lead to extraordinary results as a salesperson, you can never make everyone happy surely, this need for everyone’s approval can lead to stress & anxiety but maybe, just maybe you COULD make everyone happy? The chameleon is also an optimist….for God’s sake!

Sales people control the sales process. They know just where the customer is in the buying process, what they need, and when they need it. And how to close… closing is the best part, like, THE BEST. The immediate release of all the most fantastic things the human brain can muster, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. All that lush brain goo set free, all resulting from an email with the words “Find attached signed documents”…Mmm..

There are many reasons people sell. Some sell to get approval of customers. Some sell to get the approval of their team back at HQ. Some even sell for money, imagine! Sales people that are in it just for the money often can do great in the salesperson role, but the good ones will widen their thought process and look for compensation and rewards that are more long-term. Motivation please, send……in……..the motivation!

An external motivation for being successful, such as a love of the company’s products, a career dream to advance, or family/personal motivation. None of the above and you will fail.

Sales people love stress

The thrill of the hunt, deadlines, living off that last-second rush often is the difference between a so-so salesperson and a gem. On the ball and planning at all time, always planning. Salespeople live in a 30-day cycle. The key is to close sales and make quota. Many sales people are very good at bringing in the numbers but they must plant seeds.

– We close

– We plant seeds for next month

– They grow

– We harvest

….and yay! its happy brain stuff all over again.  


Jason Spain

Business Development Manager, Nova Telecom