Cloud-based Security & Web Content Filtering

Protect your business from ransomware, phishing, impersonation and targeted attacks with a simple 5 minute setup

SafeWeb from Nova Telecom is a scalable box-less cyber-security solution.


  1. Blocks malware, phishing attacks, viruses and ransomware from malicious websites

  2. Keeps your defences up to date with zero-day updates and targeted threat analysis

  3. Stops users from accessing harmful, offensive or dangerous material

The internet is a dangerous place. Ransomware, malware, phishing and other hacking attacks occur every 39 seconds world-wide. 62% of businesses have experienced phishing and social engineering attacks. 10% of SMEs that are attacked with ransomware will close down. It is imperative that businesses put in place effective cybersecurity measures to ensure business-continuity. Traditional firewalls are no longer sufficient and often have problems scaling to modern broadband speeds. Rather than adding yet another box to your server room, you can now use SafeWeb from Nova Telecom to provide an essential web security layer to your business.

Key Features of SafeWeb:

    • Malware Blocking

      Blocks malware, phishing, viruses, ransomware/cryptolocker & malicious sites

    • Content Filtering

      Block malicious content at source according to 53 categories

    • Flexible Policies

      Different content types allowed for different environments

    • Scaleable & Fast

      Can handle multi-gigabit and thousands of users with no slow-down or latency

    • User Dashboard with Reporting

      All the control and reporting you need in a convenient central dashboard

    • Phishing Protection

      AI-powered phishing protection against active and zero-minute phishing threats

5 Minute Setup

SafeWeb is the quickest and easiest way to secure your business. You can be protected in less than 5 minutes with full setup support from our Network Operations team. You will then receive your dashboard login instructions by email, allowing you to view comprehensive reports and set policies in real-time.

Contact Jason Spain on 086 812 2995 to get your business protected in just 5 minutes.