Portugal Is Not Building Walls, it is Building Bridges – and that’s why it will win

When you mention Portugal to most Irish people, they will think about the Algarve – and well they might – sandy beaches, clean Atlantic waters, caves and sandstone arches.

But writing here from the Web Summit in Lisbon, I have seen another side of Portugal. This dynamic and inclusive country is excelling in promoting and attracting the very best in high tech business talent.

Under the Sign Up For Portugal initiative (signupforportugal.pt), Portugal is sending some very inspirational messages, that are worth listening to:

– no to far-right politics
– no to xenophobia, offering startup visas instead
– flat 20% income tax for foreigners living abroad, with business income in Portugal
– deeply pro-innovation government

With countries talking of walls and tarrifs and with Brexit thrown into the mix, we are in a new age of protectionism and deepening international divides.

Portugal has made itself an exception to this. In Ireland, we too have an opportunity to further develop our welcoming nature and to use this to unite with other people.

Tell the world: Our doors are open and we are ready to do business.


Dave McDonald CEO & Founder, Nova Telecom