Nova Telecom operates an extensive national IP/MPLS network, which is optimised for business traffic. We connect to our customers using fibre optic, microwave access technologies. Our network is monitored 24/7 by our Network Operations Centre, with on-call engineer access available 24/7.

We connect to major sub-sea fibre optic cable systems at our datacentre locations in Dublin and Cork. From these datacentre locations, we carry business internet, voice and data traffic over our core national fibre network and on to our access sites, which consist of fibre POPs in prominent multi-tenant buildings and business parks, along with a large network of microwave transmission sites.

We peer directly with leading cloud, content and service providers over multi-gigabit high-capacity direct peering links located locally in Ireland. This means that customer traffic will flow to and from these networks all over our own private, low-latency managed infrastructure, avoiding the public internet and maintaining maximum throughput and speed for critical cloud-based applications.

Our international traffic is carried by GTT, Colt, Hurricane Electric and Vodafone/Cable & Wireless to internet peering points in the UK, Europe, the US and globally. This is done via both Dublin-based subsea cables and from the Cork coast via the low-latency GTT Express cable to London and New York.

Our network is managed by skilled engineers at our Network Operations Centre which is co-located with our tier 1 and tier 2 support staff.