Finding the source of my work ethic.

I don’t know about you, but the importance of having a strong work ethic was drummed into my siblings and I as we grew up.  I recently discovered this is deeply rooted in my family tree.

My grandfather Victor Fleming and my great grandfather James Fleming both spent their working lives at Guinness, St James Gate, Dublin. The Guinness storehouse maintains an archive of records which includes the employment records for James Fleming. Recently I spent some time with my Dad sifting through these records and with each piece of paper I was reminded of myself, my siblings, my Dad, his siblings, my cousins, the list goes on.


James Fleming never completed an apprenticeship, however, he worked twice as hard to make sure he could still provide for his family of five. He worked his way up to Head Garage Foreman and was rewarded with the salary of a qualified apprentice. His records tell the story of an ‘exemplary’ employee, going as far as to say he would be ‘hard to replace’ even as he reached the age of retirement when an extension was requested by him and quickly granted.

I see the results of a strong work ethic in my own career and I’m lucky enough to work with a team who hold these same values. Hard work and persistence reaps endless rewards and makes your working life so much more enjoyable.  

I see many CV’s crossing my desk and I immediately look for this quality. I want to hire hard working individuals who will settle into the Nova culture and stay for many years.  Our team is based in Hollyhill Industrial Estate and we are extremely lucky to have a group of very hard working individuals. Their passion for their own careers along with sharing the company’s goals makes for a well oiled machine at Nova HQ.

Ann-Marie Fleming General Manager, Nova Telecom