Business Ethernet (MPLS)

Nova Telecom can provide nationwide business Ethernet services over various different access technologies, all tied into our unified MPLS network. This allows you to unify your LANs into one common LAN, allowing you to consolidate your servers, databases and software licences at one location and allow users at all locations to share these. The same is true of VOIP systems. This means:

  • Reduced costs for hardware and licences
  • Simpler support with fewer “boxes”
  • Increased reliability with simpler systems
  • Maximum flexibility

Using the following competitively-priced access technologies (all linked to our MPLS network), Nova Telecom is bringing Business Ethernet within the reach of both enterprise and SME customers:

• Fibre to the Business (FTTB)
• Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)
• Licensed Microwave
• Fixed Wireless

For example, a business may have a head office, a branch office and three small outlets. Nova Telecom can choose the most appropriate access technology for each site. The head office could be connected via a 200M symmetric fibre optic service, the branch office may have 100M licensed microwave and the three small outlets could access the network via VDSL. All of these sites will be unified on a common MPLS network, allowing for maximum simplicity and utility with no complicated VPNs required

Business Ethernet can be provided in one of two architectures –

E-Line (point to point) and E-LAN (point to multipoint).

All hardware is supplied, managed and kept under perpetual ownership/warranty by Nova. In the event of a hardware problem, we will come on-site and replace the hardware at no cost under your SLA. At each site, a 1U Nova demarcation switch is supplied with copper (RJ45) or optical (SFP) presentation. This is monitored 24/7 by our NOC for any faults, which are pro-actively notified.