Bloggers Unveiled. A curse or a blessing?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you will have heard about the anonymous Instagram account dealing out servings of just desserts to bloggers and companies alike.

It’s been a few months now since we had a post from the anonymous page and some people are very glad that she is gone.

One thing is for sure, it opened consumers eyes into the world of bloggers and influencers.

I would have always described myself as a very informed person and I would never buy into a product just because someone had “loved it soooooo much” and would “definitely recommend to buy you guys” but as the years have gone on, my resolve was definitely being chipped away by the sheer amount of instastories, snaps, Facebook marketing etc.

I even managed to get myself some products for Christmas, totally justified as I made someone else buy them for me…

But under the cloud of  #af #sp and swipe up to purchase, there had been, and still is, a lot of chattering about how bloggers were conducting their business. Not declaring when they were being paid to promote a product etc. and Reddit were alive with rumours about such and such a person and what they were doing. Bloggers Unveiled was the brainchild of these talks.

It got me thinking about how consumers can become so consumed with NEEDING to have the latest product that these women were peddling. Now don’t get me wrong, some of the things they were doing was great and if you had an interest in it, you would be forgiven for thinking that the sun shone out of their behind! Instagram and Snapchat had become the new shopping channels that you would avoid unless you got hooked into a non-stick frying pan that could burn for 10 hours straight, but still leave your steak super juicy!

Some people, people I know, flew out to buy a pair of jeans for over €100 just because a certain blogger was releasing them as her own. White label products with over 100% mark ups were being sold and some were absolutely shocked when they could buy the products of a certain website (Shhhh, Ali Express) for a pittance.

BU (Bloggers Unveiled) survived on tip-offs from people “in the know” and sometimes from those who had a grudge against influencers. Such was the vitriol for this unknown entity (ies), after a certain unveiling  a company, scorned by what came out, launched into a reveal party.

BU pulled the wool from the public’s eyes and it did manage the expose the bloggers who may have been in it for the money, but who necessarily didn’t want to declare it.

These days, consumers, myself included, will go to the end of the earth to find a good deal and the amount of websites you will trawl through and reviews you will read will be immense. The power of the opinion is insane! And that is why influencers have such a voice on social media. Whether or not that power will be used for good or to solely line their pockets it’s their own business.

Jessica Woods Product Delivery Manager, Nova Telecom