Busy is a choice

Something I think about quite a bit is how to be less stressed. I’m constantly working on multiple projects and I’m often thinking about work when I’m not working.  I’m sure most people think about work when not at work, but should that mean it’s a good thing? It just means that we all have pretty bad habits of overworking, over analyzing and being stressed out.  Don’t get me wrong it's great to be hardworking and have a strong working ethic and they are things I personally pride myself on but it shouldn’t consume you.

It’s even become a social norm to poke the response of “I’ve been so busy” “I’m busy” “I’m so busy I haven’t eaten lunch”  I personally dislike the word busy and I try furiously try not to use it, it’s such a negative word, isn’t it? Often it can become so overused that’s it’s a competition to see who is the busiest.  Let me tell you, claiming to be so busy that you never eat, sleep, or live an enjoyable life is nothing to be proud of.

Creating time to travel, write and meet with friends and family is the greatest treasures of all.

There are so many other ways to express our workloads other than using the word busy and many numerous ways or reducing stress I have compiled a short list that may be beneficial.


5 ways to avoid using the dreaded word busy

  1. I have to finish this first but will get to that as soon as I can.
  2. My agenda is full.
  3. I’m currently tied up.
  4. I am engaged in a lot of activity at the moment, and I’m happy to take on that project as soon as I am able.
  5. I  have been focusing my attention on x, y, and z and will be committed to these for the next few days.

5 ways to help reduce stress levels

  1. Spend some time with your pet(s) -  Interacting with pets may help release oxytocin.
  2. Cuddle - Positive physical contact can help release oxytocin and lower cortisol.
  3. Practice mindfulness - It can help combat the anxiety-inducing effects of negative thinking.
  4. Exercise - putting physical stress on your body through exercise can relieve mental stress.
  5. Pen to paper - writing down your thoughts and feelings is a way of letting go of stress.

Sales people and the crazy quirk that makes them good!

“The ideal candidate must have a clear understanding of  the industry and how to convert opportunities into sales”.

I had read this before and thought, I do understand and I can convert...just another interview. I had learned to really like interviews oddly enough, something new, something fresh, a new product to sell to a new audience, what could be better?...nothing if I'm to be honest. This was a cycle for me where I would give it everything for a length of time before coming up for air. The air was good but the mission was to get the job and hold your breath before it was time to go back down.

Sales people get off on approval

This is true. Why? Potentially loads of reasons, a lack of inner confidence, the need for acknowledgment? Everyone is different but all these "things wrong with you" makes you hungry to sell because of reward in some shape or form. Selling makes you happy for reasons you might be aware of (or blind to), a performing rep makes the boss happy so everybody wins. Simplicity at its best and its totes obvious the author is not qualified in anything mental health related.

Many top selling sales people provide exceptional results because they are approval oriented. They want to make a customer happy, so they sense what the customer needs and go the extra mile. Maybe it’s a late evening mail or call  to sync with a potential client’s schedule, or fighting to get an extra discount to close the deal or showing up for an installation to get a sale over the line before target day. This can lead to extraordinary results as a salesperson, you can never make everyone happy surely, this need for everyone’s approval can lead to stress & anxiety but maybe, just maybe you COULD make everyone happy? The chameleon is also an optimist....for God's sake!

Sales people control the sales process. They know just where the customer is in the buying process, what they need, and when they need it. And how to close... closing is the best part, like, THE BEST. The immediate release of all the most fantastic things the human brain can muster, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. All that lush brain goo set free, all resulting from an email with the words "Find attached signed documents"...Mmm..

There are many reasons people sell. Some sell to get approval of customers. Some sell to get the approval of their team back at HQ. Some even sell for money, imagine! Sales people that are in it just for the money often can do great in the salesperson role, but the good ones will widen their thought process and look for compensation and rewards that are more long-term. Motivation please, send......in........the motivation!

An external motivation for being successful, such as a love of the company’s products, a career dream to advance, or family/personal motivation. None of the above and you will fail.

Sales people love stress

The thrill of the hunt, deadlines, living off that last-second rush often is the difference between a so-so salesperson and a gem. On the ball and planning at all time, always planning. Salespeople live in a 30-day cycle. The key is to close sales and make quota. Many sales people are very good at bringing in the numbers but they must plant seeds.

- We close

- We plant seeds for next month

- They grow

- We harvest

....and yay! its happy brain stuff all over again.  


Jason Spain

Business Development Manager, Nova Telecom

Finding the source of my work ethic.

I don’t know about you, but the importance of having a strong work ethic was drummed into my siblings and I as we grew up.  I recently discovered this is deeply rooted in my family tree.

My grandfather Victor Fleming and my great grandfather James Fleming both spent their working lives at Guinness, St James Gate, Dublin. The Guinness storehouse maintains an archive of records which includes the employment records for James Fleming. Recently I spent some time with my Dad sifting through these records and with each piece of paper I was reminded of myself, my siblings, my Dad, his siblings, my cousins, the list goes on.


James Fleming never completed an apprenticeship, however, he worked twice as hard to make sure he could still provide for his family of five. He worked his way up to Head Garage Foreman and was rewarded with the salary of a qualified apprentice. His records tell the story of an ‘exemplary’ employee, going as far as to say he would be ‘hard to replace’ even as he reached the age of retirement when an extension was requested by him and quickly granted.

I see the results of a strong work ethic in my own career and I’m lucky enough to work with a team who hold these same values. Hard work and persistence reaps endless rewards and makes your working life so much more enjoyable.  

I see many CV’s crossing my desk and I immediately look for this quality. I want to hire hard working individuals who will settle into the Nova culture and stay for many years.  Our team is based in Hollyhill Industrial Estate and we are extremely lucky to have a group of very hard working individuals. Their passion for their own careers along with sharing the company’s goals makes for a well oiled machine at Nova HQ.

Ann-Marie Fleming General Manager, Nova Telecom

Bloggers Unveiled. A curse or a blessing?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you will have heard about the anonymous Instagram account dealing out servings of just desserts to bloggers and companies alike.

It’s been a few months now since we had a post from the anonymous page and some people are very glad that she is gone.

One thing is for sure, it opened consumers eyes into the world of bloggers and influencers.

I would have always described myself as a very informed person and I would never buy into a product just because someone had “loved it soooooo much” and would “definitely recommend to buy you guys” but as the years have gone on, my resolve was definitely being chipped away by the sheer amount of instastories, snaps, Facebook marketing etc.

I even managed to get myself some products for Christmas, totally justified as I made someone else buy them for me…

But under the cloud of  #af #sp and swipe up to purchase, there had been, and still is, a lot of chattering about how bloggers were conducting their business. Not declaring when they were being paid to promote a product etc. Boards.ie and Reddit were alive with rumours about such and such a person and what they were doing. Bloggers Unveiled was the brainchild of these talks.

It got me thinking about how consumers can become so consumed with NEEDING to have the latest product that these women were peddling. Now don’t get me wrong, some of the things they were doing was great and if you had an interest in it, you would be forgiven for thinking that the sun shone out of their behind! Instagram and Snapchat had become the new shopping channels that you would avoid unless you got hooked into a non-stick frying pan that could burn for 10 hours straight, but still leave your steak super juicy!

Some people, people I know, flew out to buy a pair of jeans for over €100 just because a certain blogger was releasing them as her own. White label products with over 100% mark ups were being sold and some were absolutely shocked when they could buy the products of a certain website (Shhhh, Ali Express) for a pittance.

BU (Bloggers Unveiled) survived on tip-offs from people “in the know” and sometimes from those who had a grudge against influencers. Such was the vitriol for this unknown entity (ies), after a certain unveiling  a company, scorned by what came out, launched into a reveal party.

BU pulled the wool from the public's eyes and it did manage the expose the bloggers who may have been in it for the money, but who necessarily didn’t want to declare it.

These days, consumers, myself included, will go to the end of the earth to find a good deal and the amount of websites you will trawl through and reviews you will read will be immense. The power of the opinion is insane! And that is why influencers have such a voice on social media. Whether or not that power will be used for good or to solely line their pockets it’s their own business.

Jessica Woods Product Delivery Manager, Nova Telecom

Portugal Is Not Building Walls, it is Building Bridges - and that's why it will win

When you mention Portugal to most Irish people, they will think about the Algarve - and well they might - sandy beaches, clean Atlantic waters, caves and sandstone arches.

But writing here from the Web Summit in Lisbon, I have seen another side of Portugal. This dynamic and inclusive country is excelling in promoting and attracting the very best in high tech business talent.

Under the Sign Up For Portugal initiative (signupforportugal.pt), Portugal is sending some very inspirational messages, that are worth listening to:

- no to far-right politics
- no to xenophobia, offering startup visas instead
- flat 20% income tax for foreigners living abroad, with business income in Portugal
- deeply pro-innovation government

With countries talking of walls and tarrifs and with Brexit thrown into the mix, we are in a new age of protectionism and deepening international divides.

Portugal has made itself an exception to this. In Ireland, we too have an opportunity to further develop our welcoming nature and to use this to unite with other people.

Tell the world: Our doors are open and we are ready to do business.


Dave McDonald CEO & Founder, Nova Telecom

The Problem:

To facilitate outside broadcast for the Presidential election count centre at Nemo Rangers, Cork, RTE News needed a reliable IP link to their broadcast head-end in Dublin. This would be utilised for two live radio IP codecs (RTE Radio 1 and Radio na Gaeltachta) along with upload of timely TV news reports by secure FTP.

Some of the large providers had been used previously, but RTE were frustrated at the lack of flexibility and poor technical support provided. In particular, on event days, they had been frustrated by call centre staff who did not know what was going on and were unable to provide meaningful support.

The Solution:

Nova Telecom already had a direct IP link from its national network into RTE, over the INEX peering exchange. We also have an extensive access network in Cork city. A point-to-point IP link was installed within a few days, from a Nova Telecom point of presence to Nemo Rangers for the exclusive use of the RTE outside broadcast. IP connectivity was provided between the live location and the RTE IP head end in Dublin.

RTE were provided with direct Nova NOC (Network Operations Centre) telephone support and NOC staff were fully briefed to intensively monitor latency and availability for the duration of the broadcasts throughout the day.

This flexibility and level of support was something that Nova Telecom was in a unique position to provide.

Nemo Rangers, Douglas, Cork

Take Me to the Clouds - The Importance of Connectivity in the Era of the Cloud

According to a report by IDC, 60-70% of all software, services and technology spending by 2020 will be on cloud. Businesses are becoming more and more dependent on cloud infrastructure and it is now no longer a niche, early-adopter paradigm, but is mainstream.
From SMEs using Office365 or GSuite, to massive banking and professional services workloads running in the cloud, right through to entire businesses and apps being built on AWS, cloud infrastructure is underpinning technology use today and into the future.
Mainstream adoption of clound platforms is set to increase further

A few short years ago, a CIO or IT manager would have scoffed at the idea of shutting down the trusty ProLiants in the cramped comms room, in favour of using “someone else’s computer” as the joke went. Now, entire businesses exist on these unseen and mysterious server farms, owned by strangers.

Mainstream adoption of cloud infrastructure means that workloads now run on sites that are far away from the end users. Even the corporate HQ can now be seen as a “remote office”. Connectivity is the vein through which the lifeblood of the business - data - flows, from office to data centre (whether using private colo’d servers or a public cloud like AWS, Google or Azure).Read more